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Successful organization of MILAN 2018 cum One day workshop on “Livestock Farming in Western Vidarbha: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects”

Inaugration of programme
Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Akola in collaboration with National Institute of Animal Biotechnology, Hyderabad has organized one day workshop on “Livestock Farming in Western Vidarbha: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects”under NIAB outreach program “Meeting on Indian Livestock-farming with Agriculturists and NIAB scientists (MILAN-2018)” on 26th June 2018 at Committee Hall, Dr PDKV Campus, Akola.The said workshop was aimed to acquaint the farmers and livestock entrepreneur with farmer-friendly technologies available or needed, further to comprehend rural, local livestock related problems and attempts being made to resolve them.

The workshop was inaugurated at the hands of chief guest, Dr V. M. Bhale, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr PDKV, Akola and Dr C. H. Pawshe, Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola was chairman of the inaugural function. Dr Jayant Hole, Scientist, NIAB, Hyderabad, MrShashikantGawai, Tech. Officer, NIAB, Dr Jayant Khadse, Research Director, BIAF, Pune and Dr. S. Sajid Ali, Assistant Professor and Organizing Secretary, MILAN 2018 was present on the dais during the inaugural programme. One information booklet in Marathi language compiled by Dr P. S. Bankar, Dr S. Sajid Ali, Dr M. G.Thorat and Dr Jayant Hole “PaschimVidharbahtilPashupalan: Awhane, Sandhi and Upaye” was released with the hands of guest present for the inaugural function for free distribution to the participants.During the inaugural programme Dr S. Sajid Ali welcomed all the dignitaries and briefed about the concept of MILAN 2018. Dr V. M. Bhale, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr PDKV, Akola emphasized on organization of such event for better prospects of famers, Research must be targeted to solve the field issues of the farmer and suggested, the concept of land to lab is the need of hour instead of lab to land. Dr C. H. Pawshe, Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola welcomed the participants and briefed about the role of PGIVAS, Akola for benefits of farmers of the region. The inaugural programme was anchored by Dr S. M. Wankhede and Dr MayuraGole presented the vote of thanks.

In two sessions Dr Jayant Khadse, Research Director, BIAF, Pune, Dr R. S. Bahadure, ACH, Amravati and Dr M. S. Tupkar, Rtd. DAHO, Akola guided the farmer. To comprehend the farmer’s issues, Dr Jayant Hole, Scientist NIAB interacted participants in each session. Farmers participated in the interaction very enthusiastically and their queries were responded by the academicians, field veterinarians and animal husbandry officers. Dr R. S. Ingole and Dr S. M. Wankhede covered the sessions as rapporteurs. A group of 160 participants including farmers associated with livestock and poultry faming (80) from Akola, Amravati, Yeotmal, Buldhana and Washim District of Vidarbha, senior academicians from veterinary university/ senior field veterinarians (20), representative of State Animal Husbandry Department/co-operative dairy societies/NGOs (40) and selected students from veterinary college (20) attended the event.

In Valedictory programme, Mr Ravi Marshetwar, Washim and MrAbhayMarwade, Buldhanathe progressive farmers of the region presented feedback, they expressed their full satisfaction and suggested that such events should be organized in each district at least in every three month to understand the problem of the farmers.Dr M. S. Tupkar address the farmers and Dr Jayant Hole expressed his satisfaction and extended thanks to participating farmers, vets and organizer on behalf of sponsoring institute, NIAB, Hyderabad. The valedictory programme was conducted by Dr M. V. Ingawale and Dr Sunil Waghmare presented the vote of thanks.

Dr H.S. Birade, Chairman, Dr S.V. Kuralkar, Co-Chairman, Dr S. Sajid Ali. Organizing Secretary, Dr C. H. Pawshe, Dr M. G. Thorat, Dr S. P. Waghmare,Dr S.J, Manwar, Dr S.M. Wankhede and Dr M.V. Ingawale, as a Member and Dr P. S. Bankarwas Treasurer of the organizing committee for said workshop. Dr K.S. Pajai, Dr S.D. Chepte, Dr PrajaktaKuralkar, Dr R. S. Ingole, Dr MayuraGole, Dr S.W. Hajare, Dr M.V. Khodke, Dr AnandRatnaparke, Dr M.G. Patil, Mr. M. T. Gawande, Mr. S. U. Deshmukh, Mr. K. S. Fursule, Mr. P. D. Patil, Mr. U. R. Badhe, MrPrafullaGaroli,Mr Santosh Banokar, Mr. M. D. Ninoriyaand all students and staff actively participated and took lot of efforts for successful organization of this event.
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