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A monograph on “Purnathadi Buffalo: An important buffalo germplasm of western Vidarbha” released during the Inaugural Ceremony of National Symposium

A monograph on ‘Purnathadi buffalo: an important buffalo germplasm of western Vidarbha’ prepared by Dr. S. V. Kuralkar, Dr. S. Sajid Ali and Dr. V. D. Aher from PGIVAS, Akola in collaboration with Dr. R. S. Kataria, PS, NBAGR, Karnal and Dr Vikas Vohra, PS, NDRI, Karnal.

The monograph was released at the hands of Prof. (Col) Dr. A. M. Paturkar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, MAFSU, Nagpur, Dr N. V. Patil, Director, Central Institute of Cattle Research, Meerut (U.P.), Dr M. P. Wase, DIG (Vet) SSB, Govt. of India, New Delhi and Dr. N. V. Kurkure, Director of Research, MAFSU, Nagpur during the inaugural ceremony of National Symposium on “Paradigm Transformation of Technological Advancement in Veterinary Sciences: National Perspective” cum 3rd Alumni Meet on 26th November, 2019.

Purnathadi locally known as ‘Bhuri buffaloes’ are phenotypically distinct because of its brownish to white coat colour and preferred by small and marginal farmers due to high milk fat%, good reproductive efficiency, low maintenance cost, thrive on low quality crop residues during summer and are well adapted to the harsh and hot climate of Vidarbha. This monograph is the compilation of the comprehensive information on various aspects of the Purnathadi buffaloes and it will be an important document towards characterization of this precious buffalo germplasm.

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