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Intra State Training and Demonstration for goat farmers of Akola and Amaravati district at Goat Unit, Goregaon Campus, Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai and Bakra-Eid Deonar goat market and abattoir, Gowandi, Mumbai under ATMA programme.

Demonstration of morphometric characters to farmers.
Farmers looking to Bakra-Eid goat breeds along with faculty members of PGIVAS, Akola,
Trainee Farmers at Parel, BVC, Mumbai.
Trainees with Faculty of PGIVAS and BVC at Goregaon.
Training at Goregaon Campus.
An intra-state training, demonstration and visit of goat farmers from Akola and Amravati district of Vidharbha region was organized during 14th and 15th September 2015 at Mumbai under ATMA programme. Eighteen goat farmers from the suicide prone area along with two Livestock Development Officer of State Animal Husbandry Department from Akola were visited to Goat Unit, Goregaon Campus, Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai and Deonar Goat Market and Abattoir, Gowandi, Mumbai aiming to increase awareness about the new avenues in the form of goat farming for Bakra-Eid and the marketing channel for the same to supplement their income. Dr M D Kharwadkar, Assistant Professor, Dept of LPM and Dr S. Sajid Ali, Assistant Professor, Dept of AGB coordinated the programme and accompanied the farmers from Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Akola under the able guidance and presence of Dr H S Birade, Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola.
On the day first, farmers visited the Goat Unit of Mumbai Veterinary College, Goregaon campus, Aarey colony and attended the lecture and demonstration conducted by Dr H Y Pallampalli, Deputy Director Research, BVC, Mumbai. Knowledge about modern goat farming, artificial insemination in goats, Azola farming etc was imparted to the farmers and practical demonstrations of various managemental activities were shown to them.
Goat farmers visited the Deonar goat market on second day, On the occasion of Bakra-Eid the large number of goats were brought to the Deonar market from many states of the country. Knowledge of different breeds of goat, their management practices, marketing channels and preparation of male goats targeting Eid-ul-Azha for more profitable business was imparted to the farmers by Dr H S Birade, Dr M D Kharwadkar and Dr S Sajid Ali. They also interacted with the goat farmers of various states of India about their feeding, production, reproduction and other management practices. Dr Kaleem Pathan, General Manager, Deonar abattoir permitted to visit the slaughter house. Dr Shetty, Veterinary Officer, Deonar, briefed about the abattoir, routine working pattern, the mutton and chevon production and its exports. He also shown the slaughter house to the farmers and demonstrated the mechanized and hygienic slaughtering practices, postmortem examination, storage of carcass and packaging for export.
The Vidharbha region is rich in goat population, with having a one beautiful breed recognized as Berari goat. As its marketing is not completely exploited, therefore, to show the farmers that there is a good market for goat and to open up new channel for earning to prevent suicide and depression amongst the farmers, the training and visit was organized to the biggest goat market of Asia. All the participant expressed their pleasure and satisfaction over this visit and learning experiences during these two days. The Associate Dean, Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai, provided the accommodation and spared the vehicle for transportation of trainee farmers.
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