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Organized five days farmer’s training programmes on “COMMERCIAL POULTRY FARMING” at. PGIVAS, Akola during 6th to 10th June, 2016.

Dr. N. N. Zade Director Extens
Group photo certificate distribution
Presidential address by Dr. H. S. Birade
Trainee participants 06.06.2016 to 10.06.2016
The Department of Poultry Science, PGIVAS, Akola has organized a five days residential training programmes on "COMMERCIAL POULTRY FARMING" for 29 farmers of Akola district during 6th to 10th June, 2016. The programme was inaugurated by Shri Ashok Bankhele, Project Director, ATMA, Akola. Dr.S.J.Manwar, PI RKVY project and Programme Coordinator welcomed the guests and gathering and briefed about the farmer's training program. During his speech, Dr. S.J. Manwar, explained about the RKVY project entitled "Establishment of training and demonstration center on commercial poultry farming under MAFSU" being implemented by the Department of Poultry Science, and also briefed about the mandate of the project to impart practical oriented training and demonstrations to the farmers of the region. Dr. H.S. Birade, Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola acted as the Chairman of the inaugural program and guided the farmers to start new poultry farming units and assured the gathering about the technical guidance in all a aspects of poultry farming to the new entrepreneurs.
During five days training programme Dr. S.J.Manwar, Dr. K.K. Khose, Dr. M.R. Wade and Dr. Mayura Gole, Dr. S.P. Waghmare and Dr. Madhuri Hedau guided farmers and covered all important aspects of commercial poultry farming such as importance of commercial poultry farming, breeds of poultry, Housing and rearing systems, Constructional details of poultry sheds, feed formulation and feeding management, Broiler and Layer Management, Poultry farm equipments, Hatchery management, common diseases of poultry, vaccination and biosecurity measures, Economics of poultry farming, quail farming, Contract broiler framing, etc.
The hands on training was provided to the participants on various aspects of commercial poultry farming including preparations for brooding, fumigation, vaccination, feed formulation and management of birds.
An educational tour was also organized for trainee farmers to nearby modern commercial layer poultry farms and contract broilers farm of more than 10000 capacity to get acquainted with the actual working of the farms and the farmers were also benefited with the experience and guidance of the progressive farmers during the educational visit.
Fifty beneficiary farmers were provided with a training kit consisting educational material like booklet in Marathi language on "Vyavasayeek Kukkut palan", pen, printed pad and folder, etc.
Dr. N.N. Zade, Director Extension and Training, MAFSU, Nagpur was the chief guest for certificate distribution ceremony held on 10.06.2016. In his speech Dr. Zade highlighted the importance of the scientific poultry farming and urged the farmers to take up the poultry farming on commercial basis. He also asked all the concerned to involve more ladies participants in such training activities. Dr. S.J. Manwar, Programme Coordinator welcomed the guest and gathering and briefed about the 5 days farmer's training program. Dr. H.S. Birade, Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola presided over as the Chairman of the concluding function. The training certificates were distributed to 50 participants for successful completion of the training program. The chairman, Dr. H.S. Birade, addressed gathering and guided farmers to start new poultry farming units and stressed upon the constant support and guidance from the experts of PGIVAS, Akola to needy.
The programme was concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr.K.K.Khose to the respected dignitaries and all the staff particularly Dr. M. G. Thorat, Dr. S. G. Deshmukh, Dr. S. S. Chepte, and Dr. M.F.M.F. Siddiqui who have contributed towards the successful organization of the training program and the farmer participants.
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