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Poultry farming training center has been established at PGIVAS, Akola under RKVY project entitled "Establishment of training and demonstration center on commercial poultry farming under MAFSU". Under this project, Commercial Poultry farming training are being regularly organized by department of Poultry Science, PGIVAS, Akola. A ninth training program was organized from 17/10/2016 to 21/10/2016. Training was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. R.G. Dani, Honourable Vice-chancellor Dr. P.D.K.V., Akola. A total of 54 farmers participated in the training program. A district deputy commissioner of animal husbandry Dr. S.P. Pardey narrated the various government schemes in his inaugural speech. All the aspects of commercial poultry farming were covered during five days training program. During five days training more emphasis was given on practical oriented hands on trainings on different aspects of poultry farming. An educational visit to four commercial poultry farms of broilers and cockerels in the region was also organized on 20/09/2016 for exposure to the actual working of the poultry farms and interaction with the progressive farmers. A training programme had been concluded with distribution of certificates to trainees with the auspicious hands of Smt. Sanhyatai Waghoe, President, Zilla Parishad, Akola in the presence of Dr. H.S. Birade, Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola, Dr. M.G. Thorat, Extension Co-ordinator and Dr. S.J.Manwar, Head, Department of Poultry Science & Principal Investigator, RKVY, Project.
Till date, Nine trainings each for 5 days duration viz. 08/03/16 to 13/03/16, 14/03/16 to 18/03/16, 23/05/16 to 27/05/16, 06/06/16 to 10/06/16, 13/06/16 to 17/06/16, 18/07/16 to 22/07/16, 23/08/16 to 27/08/16, 30/08/16 to 03/09/16 and 17/10/16 to 21/10/16 were successfully undertaken. A total of 394 farmers including 87 women farmers participated in the said trainings. Dr. S. J. Manwar, Dr. Mayura Gole, Dr. K.K. Khose, Dr. M.R.Wade, Dr. S.G. Deshmukh, Dr. M.F.M.F. Siddique and post graduate students Dr. Ekta Shedmake, Dr. Asheer, Dr. Jayanti Agashe, Dr. Khan and Dr. Aniket Chougule made all efforts for successful conduct of all training programmes.
Inauguration of training program at the Hands of Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr.P.D.K.V. Akola.
Certificate Distribution
Group Photo - Trainees with Honourable Dr.R.G.Dani Vice Chancellor Dr.P.D.K.V. Akola
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