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'Animal Health Camp' Organized at Village Lakhpuri Tal Murtizapur by TVCC, PGIVAS, Akola.

The animal health camp was organized by Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Akola at village Lakhpuri Taluka Murtizapur Dist. Akola on 23rd November, 2016 in collaboration with Jabalpur Veterinary College Alumni Association, Maharashtra chapter Nagpur and Department of Animal Husbandry. Dr H. S. Birade Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola inaugurated the camp. Dr. S. D. Harne, Ex-Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, MAFSU, Nagpur and President JVCAA, Mrs. Shital Tidke, Sarpanch and Mr Dineshsingh Chauhan, Vice- Sarpanch, were present as a guest of honour. Dr. M. G. Thorat, co-ordinator extension, Dr. S. P. Waghmare, Hospital Superintendent, PGIVAS, Akola, Dr. Dilip Deshmukh, LDO (extension), Panchayat Samitee, Department of Animal Husbandry, Murtizapur and Dr. Bhinge, LDO, were also present to grace the occasion.
In this camp, diagnosis and treatment of sick animals, surgical operations, pregnancy diagnosis, treatment of infertility, deworming, vaccination and tick control programme were carried out. In total 412 cases were presented and successfully treated by the staff and P.G. students of the clinical complex. M/s Mankind Pharma and INTAS Pharmaceuticles Ltd., provided help and support for organization of camp.

Dr M. G. Thorat, I/c Professor of Surgery/ co-ordinator extension, Dr S. P. Waghmare, Hospital Superintendent, TVCC, Dr M.F.M.F. Siddiqui, Hospital Registrar, TVCC, Dr. M. V. Ingawale, Assistant Professor of ARGO, Dr R.V. Raulkar, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr S.G. Deshmukh, Assistant Professor of ARGO, Dr R. S..Ingole, Assistant Professor of Pathology, Dr. S. D. Chepte, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr. M. A. Siddiqui, P.G. students and staff of Clinical department took lot of efforts for successful organization of the camp.

1. Gynaecological examination of animals during the camp   2. Treatment of sick animals during the camp
3. Surgical management of cases during the camp   4. Management of reproductive disorders
5. Surgical operations during camp   6. Clinical examination of cases during camp
7. Treatment of clinical cases during camp   8. examination of animals during camp
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