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One day training programme on "dairy business management" At. Koha, Tq. Akot, Dist. Akola, 27th March, 2013.

The Department of Livestock Production & Management, PGIVAS, Akola has successfully organized a one day training programme on"Dugdhavyavasay Vyavasthapan" (Dairy Business Management) for farmers at Koha Tq. Akot, Dist. Akola on 27th March, 2014. The programme was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. R.N. Dhore, Professor, Department of Animal Nutrition, PGIVAS, Akola. On the eve of this programme the information booklet entitled "Dugdhavyavasay Vyavasthapan", written by Dr. Girish Panchbhai and his associates in Marathi language was also released at the hands of Chief Guest Dr. R.N. Dhore. Dr. Girish Panchbhai, Programme Coordinator welcomed the guest and gathering and he delivered an introductory speech about the perspective of programme organization. Dr. R.N. Dhore addressed gathering n his inaugural speech and guided farmers about "Changing Scenario of Dairy Business". Dr. Shyam Deshmukh, Dr. Suneet Wankhede and Dr. M.F.M.F. Siddiqui of PGIVAS, Akola were also present alongwith Mr. Deepak Mogre, SMS, ATMA, Akot and the 50 farmer participants from the Koha village.
In technical session the farmers were guided on various topics of dairy business management such as Important Breeds of milch animals and its selection, balanced ration for dairy animals, reproduction and health management of dairy animals etc.
After completion of the technical session the programme was concluded with the vote of thanks to all the respected delegates and participant farmers.
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