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The institute has been strengthen in various new infrastructural facilities like GC, interactive class room, and well equipped laboratories with modern facilities.
Specialized Research laboratories
  1. Embryo Transfer Technology Laboratory
  2. Molecular Genetics Laboratory
  3. Mineral Assay Laboratory
  4. Methane Laboratory
  5. GC Laboratory
  6. Molecular Pathology Laboratory
Embryo Transfer Technology Lab.   Molecular Genetics Lab.   Mineral Assay Lab.
Methane Laboratory   GC Laboratory   Molecular Pathology Lab.
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Technologies developed
  1. Area specific mineral deficiency in livestock
  2. Recognition of Berari goat at National level
  3. Pelleted complete feed for goat
  4. Embryo Transfer Technology
  5. Diagnostic techniques developed for diagnosis of non-penetrating foreign body syndrome
  6. Development of herbal drugs for common illness
  7. Pathology of saline water drinking in livestock and poultry
  8. Modified approach for skin suturing in cattle and buffaloes
Recognition of Berari goat at National level
(Accession no. INDIA_GOAT_1100_BERARI_06023)
Berari Goat
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